White House ask: Tell us your startup story

The White House has an ask out to the startup community: how is your startup doing? What are some of the struggles you’ve faced and overcome?

For new founders in the past two years, tell the White House what being a new entrant to the startup world has been like. What networks have helped you? What have you most struggled with learning and adapting to?

For founders struggling with visa issues, why not take two minutes to share your story, explaining the need for Startup Visa?

“We would like to hear your story about how your business has done over these last 25 months. Please take a few minutes and share it here. These stories are critical to our policy work — so thank you.

As a reminder, yesterday, the White House signed the JOBS Act legislation that we supported and pushed through with over 5000 signatures on AngelList

“Yesterday, the President signed the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act, a bipartisan bill that enacts many of the President’s proposals to encourage startups and support our nation’s small businesses. The JOBS Act will allow “crowdfunding” so startups and small businesses can raise up to $1 million annually from many small-dollar investors through web-based platforms, expand “mini public offerings”and create an “IPO on-ramp,” making it easier for young, high growth companies to go public. Read all about the JOBS Act here.”

Next up: Immigration, Startup Visa

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